Magazine Publications

Here are the magazine articles I have published.

Baum, Seth, 2015. The risk of nuclear winter. Public Interest Reports, vol. 68, no. 2.

Baum, Seth, 2013. Making the universe a better place. Current Exchange/Technophilic Magazine, Spring, pages 22-23. click here for the full issue in html/flash

Goertzel, Ben, Seth Baum, and Ted Goertzel, 2010. How long till human-level AI? What do the experts say?. h+ Magazine, February 5.
* Blog discussion at Moral Machines

Haqq-Misra, Jacob D. and Seth D. Baum, 2010. Where have all the aliens gone? Sustainability may explain the absence of extraterrestrials. Sky & Telescope, vol. 119, no. 3 (March), page 86. Not available online. See the Sky & Telescope website for more information.

Created 8 Mar 2010 * Updated 1 Jun 2015