AP Physics Feud

AP Physics Feud is a free end-of-year review activity for the AP Physics B course based on the popular television game show Family Feud. It consists of a series of HTML files that should run on most internet web browsers. The files can be downloaded to a computer's hard disk space so that the game can be played where there is no internet access. The game works best when it can be projected on a screen or wall so that a larger group of students can play, but those without access to such equipment may find other means of making the game work.

The game is available for free download as a service to the physics education community. You are also welcome to customize the game as you desire. All I ask in return is that you inform me of what you use it for and provide me with your modified versions. This is strictly on the honor system. I ask this so I can continue to serve as a central resource for the Feud series and so I have evidence of the game's use for research purposes and for funding proposals in case I ever seek funding to develop the game further. I hope to keep the game available for free download.

The game was designed by myself with assistance from Steve Fernandez for the 2006-2007 AP Physics class at the John D. O'Bryant School of Mathematics and Science through the National Science Foundation/Northeastern University GK-12 Program. Current contact info: Seth Baum, sbaum [at] psu.edu.

* Play the game online.
* View the Q&A file in .doc or .pdf format. This includes Q&A for the Equation Round and for the Regular Round.
* View the Recommended Rules file in .doc or .pdf format. This includes Recommended Rules for the Equation Round and for the Regular Round.
* View the User Manual file in .doc or .pdf format. This includes instructions for making new versions of the game.
* Download AP_Physics_Feud.zip which contains all of the above files including the game itself. This is useful if you need to use the game somewhere where there is no internet connection.

Created 30 Jul 2007 * Updated 4 Apr 2012