Online Publications

I have done a modest amount of online writing in several web publications, blogs, and forums over the years. Here is a summary of that writing. The views expressed may not always reflect my current views.

I have a column at the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists - see my page there.
* What Trump means for global catastrophic risk, published 9 December 2016. Covered in Quartz, The Next Chapter, NonProphets, and Elite Daily.
* Tackling near and far AI threats at once, published 6 October 2016.
* Japan should restart more nuclear power plants, published 20 October 2015.
* A picture's power to prevent, published 5 August 2015.
* Breaking down the risk of nuclear deterrence failure, published 27 July 2015.
* Should nuclear devices be used to stop asteroids?, published 16 June 2015.
* Is Stratospheric Geoengineering Worth the Risk?, published 5 June 2015.
* On Winter-Safe Deterrence and Interdisciplinary Research, published 2 April 2015 as part of a roundtable discussion The Winter-Safe Deterrence Debate.
* On Winter-Safe Deterrence and Biological Weapons, published 20 March 2015 as part of a roundtable discussion The Winter-Safe Deterrence Debate.
* Deterrence, Without Nuclear Winter, published 9 March 2015.
* Stopping Killer Robots and Other Future Threats, published 22 February 2015.
* Support the Austria Pledge, published 27 January 2015.
* Nuclear War, the Black Swan We Can Never See, published 21 November 2014
* The Lesson of Lake Toba, published 21 October 2014

In Nautilus:
* Space colonization and the meaning of life, published December 2016.

In The Guardian Political Science blog:
* When robots kill (with Trevor White), published 23 July 2015.

In Medium (my page there):
* Getting Smart About Global Catastrophes, in special section 7 Days of Genius, published 16 March 2015.

In Scientific American Blogs:
* Should We Let Uploaded Brains Take Over the World?, published 18 October 2016.
* Antinuclear Austria Should Lead the Way on Nuclear Power, published 29 September 2015.
* Our Final Invention: Is AI the Defining Issue for Humanity?, published 11 October 2013. Reprinted in Yahoo News, Huffington Post, and Medium
* When Global Catastrophes Collide: The Climate Engineering Double Catastrophe, published 6 February 2013. Reprinted in Yahoo News and Huffington Post
* Hurricane Sandy Hints at the Perils of Global Catastrophe, published 6 November 2012. Reprinted in Yahoo News and Huffington Post

At the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, where I am an Affiliate Scholar
* What Are the Best Ways to Prevent Global Catastrophe?, published 26 February 2015.
* Planetary Boundaries And Global Catastrophic Risk, published 21 October 2014.
* How to Create an International Treaty for Emerging Technologies (with Grant Wilson), published 21 February 2013.
* Seven Reasons For Integrated Emerging Technologies Governance, published 23 January 2013.

For The Huffington Post (my page there):
* Best And Worst Case Scenarios for Ukraine Crisis: World Peace And Nuclear War, published 7 March 2014.
* The Central Library Plan Deserves an Educated Public Debate, published 5 March 2014.
* Taming the Gigaton Gorilla: Using Syria Diplomacy to Help Avoid U.S.-Russia Nuclear War, published 15 September 2013. Reprinted in Medium
* When Global Catastrophes Collide: The Climate Engineering Double Catastrophe (reprinted from Scientific American)
* Hurricane Sandy Hints at the Perils of Global Catastrophe (reprinted from Scientific American)
* Dedicated Bus Corridors Could Help Get New York Moving Again, published 31 October 2012 (in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy)
* Earth Day, Conspiracy and World Government, published 22 April 2012 (reprinted from FutureChallenges)

I previously wrote for the website FutureChallenges - see my page there. My articles there are:
* Anticipating Catastrophe, published 26 September 2012.
* Backwards Steps For American Democracy, published 13 September 2012. Reprinted by the Bertelsmann Foundation 19 Sept 2012
* The Planet Needs Our Help, published 1 September 2012
* Curing Aging Could Transform Society, published 16 May 2012
* Earth Day, Conspiracy and World Government, published 23 April 2012. Reprinted in Huffington Post
* Global Disaster Recovery, published 17 April 2012
* When Our Technology Is Used Against Us, published 9 April 2012
* 'Friends' of the Environment, published 9 April 2012
* Activist Fatigue In The United States And The Arab World, published 18 August 2011
* American Democracy And Global Climate Change, published 18 August 2011
* Urban Gentrification In The United States (pdf), published 1 December 2010
* US 2010 Elections: Bleak Prospects For Climate Change (pdf), published 20 October 2010

Circa 2006-2007, my main online project was been Felicifia, an online community discussing the ethics of utilitarianism and related topics. The term "Felicifia" is an adaptation of "felicific calculus", a term that Jeremy Bentham used to describe the analysis that a utilitarian would use for evaluating possible actions. I originally launched Felicifia at; see this for a summary. That site helped me connected with David Pearce, Jason Matheny, and Alan Dawrst. Together we launched using the SoapBlox platform to make it more of a community site. As traffic at slowed down, the community, lead by Ryan Carey and others (some of whom write anonymously), decided to switch to a forum format, which was established at has since been converted to a wiki. is what currently (as of 18 Aug 2011) hosts the active online utilitarianism community. All are welcome.

I have also written at a few other websites over the years:
* I wrote about 15 blog posts to DailyKos, including a series on human extinction. DailyKos covers many topics but is primarily a partisan political site. My views are ultimately grounded in ethics, not politics, but I consider politics to be nonetheless important.
* I wrote three posts at the blog Ecology and Economics: see this, this, and this.
* I wrote one post at the SIAI blog: see this.
* Finally, when I was living in Boston, I participated in the forum under the name quadratdackel.

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