Seth Baum

My interests and activities are broad, but all revolve around the theme of making the world (universe(s)?) a better place. I am an interdisciplinary (or transdisciplinary) researcher working across a wide range of fields in natural and social science, engineering, philosophy, and policy. My primary focus is global catastrophic risk, meaning risk of events that could destroy global human civilization, such as climate change or nuclear war. I also work in astrobiology, which is the study of life in the universe. My research aims to inform major social decisions through careful attention to their impacts on the world and the universe(s), to fundamental ethics principles, and to the people and institutions involved in the decisions.

I am Co-Founder (with Tony Barrett) and Executive Director of the Global Catastrophic Risk Institute. I am also affiliated with the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science, the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, and the Cambridge University Centre for the Study of Existential Risk. I live in New York City.

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27 November 2017: New paper, A Survey of Artificial General Intelligence Projects for Ethics, Risk, and Policy, published as a GCRI working paper. It's a detailed survey of AGI R&D projects, finding 45 projects spread across 30 countries in 6 continents. It's been widely shared, with readers calling it nice, useful, fascinating, really great, and by far the most comprehensive review I've seen. Summary graphic is below. Also, my recent Tech2025 event is covered in an article in TheInk, Debating the Potential Dangers of Artificial Intelligence.
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Some Recent Publications:
* A Survey of Artificial General Intelligence Projects for Ethics, Risk, and Policy, GCRI working paper (academic) - see graphic below
* Social choice ethics in artificial intelligence, in AI & Society (academic)
* Towards an integrated assessment of global catastrophic risk, with Tony Barrett, in proceedings of colloquium Catastrophic and Existential Risk (academic)
* Liability law for present and future robotics technology, with Trevor White, in book Robot Ethics 2.0 (academic)
* Reconciliation between factions focused on near-term and long-term artificial intelligence, in AI & Society (academic)
* The social science of computerized brains, reviewing The Age of Em, in Futures (academic)
* On the promotion of safe and socially beneficial artificial intelligence, in AI & Society (academic)
* A model of pathways to artificial superintelligence catastrophe for risk and decision analysis, with Tony Barrett, in Journal of Experimental & Theoretical Artificial Intelligence (academic)

Upcoming Conferences & Events:
1-3 December 2017, Princeton. Envision
10-14 December 2017, Arlington, VA. Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting
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