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My interests and activities are broad, but all revolve around the theme of making the world (universe(s)?) a better place. I conduct research that combines science, engineering, and ethics to assess what, given present circumstances and particular ethical frameworks, might be the best thing(s) for us to be doing. I also help organize academic and professional communities to advance work on these topics.

I am Co-Founder (with Tony Barrett) and Executive Director of the Global Catastrophic Risk Institute, a Research Scientst at the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science, Co-Founder and Co-Lead of the Osomocene Productions video production company, and an Affiliate Scholar at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies. I recently completed a PhD in Pennsylvania State University's Geography Department and a post-doctoral fellowship with Penn State Geography and Columbia University's Center for Research on Environmental Decisions.

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At present I am particularly interested in networking with people who are or would like to be working on any aspect of global catastrophic risk.

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27 Jul 2015: I am Co-Principal Investigator with Tony Barrett on an artificial intelligence safety grant funded by Elon Musk and the Open Philanthropy Project and administered by the Future of Life Institute. Roman Yampolskiy is also on the grant project team. The project title is "Evaluation of Safe Development Pathways for Artificial Superintelligence". I also have a new paper out, Winter-safe deterrence as a practical contribution to reducing nuclear winter risk: A reply forthcoming in Contemporary Security Policy. The paper is part of a symposium on my earlier paper Winter-safe deterrence: The risk of nuclear winter and its challenge to deterrence. I put up a new page with details of the extensive winter-safe deterrence debate. Finally, I have an article When robots kill in The Guardian's Political Science blog, co-authored with Trevor White, and a new Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist column, Breaking down the risk of nuclear deterrence failure.
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Upcoming Conferences & Events:
3-7 August 2015, near London. Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity Initiative.
6-9 December 2015, Arlington, VA. Society for Risk Analysis 2015 Annual Meeting.
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