Photos of me, by me.

Basic headshot, taken 2013.

On a panel for the event Emerging technologies and the future of humanity hosted by the Kungliga Vetenskapsakademien (Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences), 17 March 2014. From left, the panelists are Ulf Danielsson (moderator, by the table), Katarina Westerlund, myself, Karim Jebari, Roman Yampolskiy, Anders Sandberg, Gustaf Arrhenius

Talking climate change economics at Columbia University's Center for Research on Environmental Decisions, 2011. If only it was so easy to optimize climate policy in practice...

On top of Mount Nittany, near State College, PA, 2009. One of many great bike rides. The photo is from the dark ages of cell phone cameras.

Assisting AP Physics students, Fall 2006. Back in my engineering days I did a lot of education outreach like this.

My view in New York City: I live in northern Manhattan which has some proper forested parks. Circa 2013.

My view at Penn State: silos and an obscenely large stadium. Here I played softball with the Geography Department's team, the Bad Latitudes, while working on my Ph.D. Circa 2010.

My view at Northeastern: skyscrapers. This is from on top of a building but I got roughly the same view from the computer lab where I often worked on my M.S. Circa 2004.

My view as an undergrad at the University of Rochester: Rush Rhees Library viewed from Wilson Commons. I spent many hours there involved in student activities when arguably I should have been studying. Circa 2001 (photo taken 2009).

My view growing up in Pittsburgh: The school in Regent Square viewed from Frick Park, now the popular Environmental Charter School. I never attended the school but played quite a lot of hockey in its playground. Circa 1995 (photo taken 2009).

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