For my Masters thesis (Northeastern University, electrical engineering, 2006), I developed NUFDTD, a finite difference time domain method electromagnetics simulation package. The package is based on code that has been in the Rappaport group at NU for many years and comes originally from the Luebbers group at Pennsylvania State University.

As a service to the electromagnetics community, I am hosting the software here. If you plan to use NUFDTD, I would appreciate it if you contacted me (seth [at] so that I can monitor its usage. Here are the necessary files:

Final User Manual (pdf, ~1MB). This file provides an introduction to the finite difference time domain method for electromagnetics simulation and how to use NUFDTD.

My Masters thesis (pdf, ~2.4MB), which describes NUFDTD in greater depth. (~500kB) - Zip file containing
* Final code
* Original code
* Sample material input files
* Sample parameter input files
* Final MatLab companion codes
(file created August 15, 2007)

Created 15 Jun 2007 * Updated 20 Jun 2016